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Ensly Mogul and Mister Saturday are the Universal Dorks. The sounds they make might just blow yo mind.



universal and on our way
universal and here to stay
we are the Universal Dorks we are the true originators
universally we chat what all de geek they pray for

them a call me Mister Saturday
me are the Boss DJ
me take a plane from America straight to J.A.
Mister Saturday yes upon the #1 dubplate
great is great and you can't overrate me
all of the faker and the poser them hate me
lord me sing say

tell them already and me tell them again
this a DJ old skool coming in now with me good friend

yes we comin in hotter,
yes just like the Human Torch we burn the fire non-stop
like Mr. Fantastic, me rhymes dem elastic
me stretch out this song, on this new slice of plastic

lord the record it a spin
and me mashing up the riddim with the strength of Ben Grimm
Sue Richards show Herbie the Robot out the door
and make Mister Saturday join The Fantastic Four


Ensly Mogul is my name
for Spacehall beats I am to blame
they go in like water, come out like flames
the tracks so hot puts peppers to shame

I took a Quantum Leap
to get the beat just right.
sound exploding like dynomite

though Sam and Al
they skip through time
but Ensly Mogul is in your mind

I’m a bolt of lightning
A flash of dots
1.21 gigawatts

Doc Brown gave me his De Lorean
sent me through time as a historian

Doctor Who, lord yes you know whom he choose
him lend Mister Saturday his telephone booth

Doc Smith, He was lost in space
so Ensly Mogul took his place

Doctor Doctor McCoy it come as no surprise
me join him in sickbay on the Enterprise

we travel through time bearing rhythm and rhyme
through other dimensions to save mankind


We are the Universal Dorks we are the true originators
universally we chat what all dem geeks they pray for
Whoa Hey..


looks like me haffe chat a little more
chat a little more up to The Moon of Endor
when them hear this a rhyme
fe the very first time
the stormtrooper flee because it blow dem mind

Ensly Mogul yes him got the iron will
and Mister Saturday yes me moving in fe the kill
and make the dragons fear, yes
when we roll the 20 sided dice into the brand new year

combination, vexation, Mogul lord and Mister Saturday
yes we gettin ready, ready to rewrite creation
turn the people on to a different radio station

we go so many lyrics, yes we got them for sale
at half price fe de DJ whom lyrics gone stale
and we have a little bargin bin
for all the MCs that think that them rule pon riddim


you know I’m the one who run things round the spacehall
armed with a phaser and Andorian 8 Ball

broadcast live through the alien airwaves
back through time to The Klingon Space raves

Mister Saturday


like Han Solo yes lord Ensly Mogul
can you hear him coming in a the area

51 with Mister Saturday
we uncover what the government won't say

with Mulder yes and the one them call Scully
we fight the future and we want to believe
The Smoking Man him a go rise from the grave




from Universal Dork (Single), track released February 15, 2012
Ensly Mogul and Mister Saturday - Vocals and Lyrics
Ensly Mogul - Music (with help from Mister Saturday)


all rights reserved



Ensly Mogul Brooklyn, New York

Ensly Mogul makes music, sometimes with Mister Saturday. Good times.

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